Wednesday, January 26, 2011

my horrible night at Olive Garden...

Ok, so horrible might be too strong a word but it was not the best night ever!  We had a surprise party for my sister in law at the Olive Garden and yes, we had a big group but really we didn't even get menus until I swear we had been there for a good 30 to 45 minutes.  REALLY!!!  We were the only ones of our group with little ones and it was really getting rough.  Baby Waffle can really only stay good for so long and he was really getting hungry.  I finally had to ASK them to bring bread.  Baby Waffle very wisely stuck his crayon in his bread to hold it because it was hot! 
While we waited, Baby Waffle was entertained by the balloons and by making his super tall cousins grab the ones that had broken free from the ceiling.  Little Waffle spent her time drinking 'wine' (sprite in a wine glass) and showing off to all her aunts.  The food was ok when they brought it, I was happy to find they have the soup,salad, breadstick thing at dinner too! Things got better once we finally had food but it was very dicey for awhile.  Dinner ended up taking close to three hours.  Once the cake came out the little Waffles were happy and Baby Waffle climb in the birthday girl's lap and proceeded to poke his finger deeply into the cake over and over to get the good stuff! 

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