Tuesday, September 6, 2011

time rolls on by...

The days just slip by sooo quickly and I don't realize I have missed posting until next thing I know another month has passed.  I have reorganized my house though and now I have an office to myself so maybe MAYBE I will be better.... maybe, no promises but maybe. 

So about the moving.  The speech pathologist suggested (and I fully agreed) with her, that we split the bunk beds and simplify the kids room which is what started the moving.  Baby Waffle was climbing up to the top bunk and has NOOOO fear so I totally felt it needed to be done anyway but they had the smallest room in the house and it wouldn't hold the two beds side by side so the great room shift of 2011 began.  We had to gut the playroom, took apart the beds and moved them into what was the playroom.  

Then we gutted my 'classroom' and moved the playroom into that room.  Made sooo much sense because that is the biggest room in the house. 

Now my 'classroom' has become what I am calling the 'teacher's lounge' in the smallest room in the house which also makes perfect sense because with the nice picnic table we stole inherited from my mother we have it set up so nicely to do school at the kitchen table.  I love it. 

I really want to find a small bulletin board to make a calendar spot (thanks Sam) in the kitchen near the table but for now I am happy with the results. I REALLY like being able to close the room to my office and just slip away into the gentle protection of my 'coccoon'!


  1. Way to call me out LOL! BTW, I got my corkboard at Walmart super cheap and covered it with some dollar store bristol board to look pretty. And if I could figure out how on earth to share my files I'd even ship you the templates!