Saturday, August 27, 2011

More speech updates

Hi all, I know I know I have been remiss again. Things. We resumed school after a short summer break and jut getting in the flow and trying to get started with my classes as well....well something gets missed.

Anyway, the reason I have drug out my old blog is to put out an update on Baby Waffle. Since the little man turned two, possibly a little before that, he has started REALLY acting up. We went to kindermusik to start a new semester and he was a complete ANIMAL. I was starting to really get concerned but I believe we have now deduced that it is just his intelligence coupled with his frustration with not being able to tell us what he knows he wants to say mixed up with the fact that he is well TWO.

Our early intervention case worker mentions that the SLPs say he is NOT Apraxic. I told the caseworker I am still not of sure of that but what can I do, they are the professionals. We are looking at possibly adding some play therapy but now that I have been doing more reading on all this I am wondering why not OT. They keep saying it is muscle tone and oral muscular in origin, so if that is they case and it is not supposed to be Apraxia, then what more should/can we be doing?


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