Thursday, August 18, 2011

UPDATE on speech

Today we had the semi-annual review for Baby Waffle's speech therapy. I really can't believe it has been 6 months already!  

Basically he hasn't shown a whole lot of improvement yet but the case worker says that the SLP has specifically said that Baby Waffle is NOT apraxic. I told her it is just a little worrisome that we haven't seen much improvement.  I mean I realize it has ONLY been 6 months but then again geesh it has BEEN six months, you know?  She seemed to understand and agree and told me she would see if there were any other services which might help and see if the SLP's think more therapy time per week is maybe called for.  It really seems he forgets everything between times and it takes most of the 30 mins to get him back to 'playing' with the speech therapist. He only has maybe 5 or 6 words that anyone who hears him would be able to understand and maybe just as many that only those closest to him can understand.  I will say he has gotten really good at getting his point across.  He will drag you by the hand and make signs (usually ones he makes up and you have to figure out) until you get it. He really must think we are idiots because he totally knows what he wants and I think he just doesn't get why WE don't get it!

We also began discussing what will happen next year when he turns three.  The 'umbrella' he is under now for assistance will end at 3 and he will become followed by the public school system.  Now I am a home school mother and fully intent to stay that way but I have NO trouble letting my children get their start in life from preschool.  Little Waffle met some really great friends at her preschool and truly learned alot.  She was blessed to have the most fabulous teachers EVERY year and she really did learn a lot there.  Unfortunately there just isn't the same financial situation for Baby Waffle as there was for Little Waffle so if he can get into the public school preschool and be able to continue receiving speech if he needs it(which if he gets into the preschool it will be because he does need it it so...) I have no problem with that!  Heck if it seems like he would be better suited staying in public school I would entertain that idea too.  I would just base it on a child by child basis!  

Well I think that about covers it for now. Thanks for listening..... 

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