Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bodum Pavina review

I received a set of Bodum Pavina 9oz glasses to try out and give my opinion. My first thought upon receiving the glasses was Wow how beautiful. They are simple glasses that are hand blown and truly make it seem your liquid is floating in them. The description says they will keep your hot drinks hotter and your cold drinks colder. I did try them both ways although I never tried steaming hot liquid just luke warm but the glasses did not disappoint!

The one negative I found was really part of the beauty of the glasses and completely my fault. I am a mother of two small children whom I home school. I am sometimes frazzled and very often clumsy. As I mentioned earlier these glasses are hand blown and a wee too delicate for my fat fingers. I did break one a lot sooner than I would have hoped. Like I said that was completely my fault.

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