Thursday, September 8, 2011

Errrr my experience with the social worker and her 'suggestions

First a little background...
So baby Waffle has become quite a handful since turning 2 and then going on vacation. Since we got back his speech therapy sessions have basically been a wash, well until this week but I will come back to that. So it was so bad after we attempted to start kindermusik (you would have thought he was raised by wolves)that I pulled him out of kindermusik and decided the bow could benefit fro. Some preschool (which I am now looking into finding a placement for him). I ALS ended up calling his caseworker from the CDSA who oversees his speech therapy and we decided to have a talk. I was seriously starting to wonder if we were dealing with something more in the Autism spectrum and not just Speech. So our caseworker arranged for the SLP to come out and watch a session. Now I have to say I LOVE our therapist and this discussion has nothing to do with here! Loch is the bomb and I would recommend her to anyone!! I digress.... Anyway, the SLP was thinking probably we need some play therapy and she also suggested we do some room changing which is what spurred the great move shift of 2011 that I mentioned hereErnst meeting ended with the caseworker saying that she would check with the staff psychologist and see if he had any suggestions. Apparently he didn't because a few days later she calls and tells me she is going to bring a social worker by with some suggestions and tips. Sooooo today was that meeting. Of course baby Waffle showed his worst possible behavior soo the social worker got a good look at what we are dealing with. Eventually baby Waffle did calm down and worked quite will with the speech therapist. I should mention I warned them when they came in that it was very close to nap tome and he would probably not be happy. (speech is usually at 9 am and they had switched it to 10:45 so the social worker could come.).
So long story longer, when speech was over the social worker chimes in with her suggestions. After she informs me that she has three children who she never even tried to breastfeeding so she had no real clue what she was saying but here is a suggestion on how to wean. She then proceeds to tell me how to keep him in his bed at night and how to implement time outs. All of which was insulting but understandable. The real kick in the pants was when she addressed my desire to put him in preschool. I have been concerned that three half days a week would be too much and she tells me 'I believe he would really benefit from a full time five day a week program, two or three days isn't going to make any kind of difference'. Oh and ' your caseworker can direct you to Head Start if you can't afford a full time place'.
I pretty much had already checked out of the conversation at the breast feeding comments (did I mention she said it would effect his speech too?) but this really did it. I have stewed over it all day. So my 'problem' with Baby Waffle is he loves me a little too much, too clingy wants me all the time....her SOLUTION is to throw him in a place all day every day so someone else can deal with him?? What is that telling baby waffle? Not to mention I don't know what head start is like in your neck of the woods but around here it is primarily the low income kids and therefore in all the worst parts of town. I'm sorry if that makes me sound bad but my hubby is a cop, I know the bad areas, it is a fact!
Also, he is starting to exhibit behaviors so we out him in a place all day every day with kids who are there because of behaviors and he cant even talk to tell someone whet has happened??

So anyone who reads this, am I completely insane for being upset? I am going tomorrow to see two preschools. I hope I am blown away and can choose which one I think will be the best fit....until then thanks for sticking with me to the end of this very long post....

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  1. You are NOT insane for being upset at all. He shouldn't be put into a full time daycare, he is 2. Your still nursing him? That's cool! Matthew has issues with his speech, and he stopped nursing when he was 11 months old, his choice. I weaned Chloe at 22 months, and I miss it so much. I needed it though, and so did she. She was way too clingy and I was done.

    Yes, he would more than benefit from one or two days of a few hours of a playgroup or speech class! Matthew goes to one hour a week to speech class through the school district and he has benefited so much! Tell that lady she is smoking crack! Kids can't start doing that till they are 3 years old.

    He is fine. He will talk when he wants to talk. He will start behaving when he starts to understand words and language more. Matthew had his share of spankings and time outs. You should see him now!

    I read to Chloe and Matthew, a lot. We work with them, a lot. They are really book smart. Somedays Chloe will use her words, and some days still, she grunts and points, like today.

    He is fine. Matthew and my nephew didn't start talking until they were 3 years old. I wouldn't even worry yet. As long as he is meeting all of his milestones, don't worry.

    I would quit all of the speech therapy right now. To me, he doesn't need it yet. Why is a case worker involved?

    If you want to wean him, let me know. I can tell you how I gently, slowly, within a few weeks, weaned Chloe.

    Get some books and do some research on his issues. Find out what you need to find out about your son. He is ONLY 2 years old. All 2 year old boys act out and have behavioral issues. Even my 4 year old son has issues with his behavior.