Tuesday, March 1, 2011

one step forward, thirteen steps back....

Yesterday was SUCH a good day for us.  We were up and moving by 7 am, breakfast by 8 and by 10 am we had half our school work done for the day as well as a clean kitchen. We were able to get a couple of phonics lessons in and three lessons in math(Little Waffle LOVES her math and would do that all day if I would let her!) 

Today on the other hand, I didn't even get out of bed until after 8 am.  Baby Waffle had an awful night.  I think it was because we slept with the windows open and it was storming outside.  Now me, this makes for a fabulous nights sleep, the baby on the other hand was curious about every sound, move and wind blow.  It is 10 am and we have just finished breakfast and I have Little Waffle working on some handwriting work.  My kitchen is trashed and I have no energy.  I think I picked the wrong day to skip coffee so I may have to break down and have a cup or I wont ever get moving!  

Get moving I must, I have so much to do and when I get this way I just lock down and do nothing.  I have pretty much decided, whether they will give me the financial aid or not for one more semester, there is NO way I can finish my thesis this semester, the forms alone that have to be turned in were late before I even started, so there is reason in itself.  I will just have to find some way to pay out of pocket if they wont see fit to give me just one more semester to get it done.  That actually helps because I was getting myself so worked up about getting work done that I actually couldn't do anything!  This way I will have the rest of this semester and the summer to get the lit review done (which is good because I am still not fully sure what I am doing for the lit review!) and it gives us more time to get the actual research going that we have been working on.  I am just going to have to find some way to actually get work done with these kids home.  (and for anyone thinking well you could send Little Waffle to public school, well yeah maybe but SHE isn't the issue anyway and I wouldn't so it doesn't matter!) 

Anyway, that is my story and sitting here typing about it isn't getting anything else I need to do done so I am out of here.  If you don't hear from me for a few days it is because I am also trying to sort hang and price stuff for a big consignment sale.  (it has to be done by Sat and I haven't even started! eek)  

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