Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring break....

I had originally planned a spring break of sorts to fall between what I am considering to be our standard 12 week semester. We are actually a little short of that time but my sister (affectionately known as Fannyface to the small Waffles) is moving to Ft.Campbell, Kentucky Well she will live in Clarksville, Tn and work on Ft. Campbell. anyway little waffle thinks she is so special because she got to ride in the moving truck and helped inspect the new apartment when they got there. She is calling it a 'big girl adventure'!
So we are counting this week as Spring break and will complete our semester when she gets home. (don't you just love homechooling?) I am really glad they had this chance to spend quaility time together BOTH of my Waffles are going to miss their 'Fannyface'.

So anyway, when she gets back next week we will have about a month, maybe two and we will finish this semester. I should mention, she took a handwritig evaluation last month and I can say she aced it. She scored higher than 89% of children her age. Her worst area is sentence structure and that is mostly because we haven't really worked on that much yet.

In other news, baby has started with twice a week speech therapy. He seems to be doing well. We have a visit coming up with the actual SLP soon hopefully. Then someone will be able to give me an idea of what is happening with him.

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